Yellow Oxijet

50.00 45.00

  • Water saving product to fit shower headpiece
  • A more luxurious and powerful spray while reducing water consumption
  • Using the latest aeration technology to enhance the shower with air
  • This product is not intended for multi-function handpieces or showerheads where there is built-in restriction that cannot be removed
  • For use with EN1113 rated hose
  • Designed in NZ
  • Watermark certified



Code TP0114
Water Pressure Mains/Equal High
Operating pressures: Minimum 300 kPa
Maximum 1000 kPa
Operating temperature: Maximum 80°C
10 year warrantyMore information


Note: The Oxijet™ is optimised for shower handpieces and DIN EN1113 rated hoses. Only use with non-restrictive (all pressures) handpieces. Do not use non DIN EN1113 rated standard hoses and may not be compatible with some handpieces.

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